Carragher reveals he spent most of Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League winners’ party in a lift

The former Reds defender was barely able to partake in the celebration due to his generous nature

Former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher has revealed he spent most of the party after his side’s 2005 Champions League win transporting fans up to the celebration in a lift. 

Liverpool memorably came back from three goals down against AC Milan in Istanbul, winning the European title after a penalty shoot-out. 

Carragher said that so many fans crashed his team’s rooftop celebration, he spent most of the night bringing them up to the party. 

What was said?

“The celebrations were amazing, but I spent most of the night going up and down in a lift!” Carragher told FourFourTwo

“Our party was on this rooftop, and I kept getting messages to go down to reception to let members of my family in. Then word went around that if you said, ‘I’m Jamie Carragher’s cousin’, you’d get into the party. I let loads of fans in but I didn’t mind – it meant they got pictures with the trophy.”

Champions League win kept Gerrard from joining Chelsea

Carragher also revealed that Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard could have joined Chelsea were it not for Liverpool’s incredible comeback in Istanbul. 

“Winning the Champions League in 2005 kept him at the club, because it showed we could compete at the highest level,” Carragher said of Gerrard. “It also meant that we qualified for the Champions League the next season, as we’d come fifth in the league. It’s hard to believe, but without his goal, history could have been very different.

“Stevie was 24 and belonged in the Champions League – he was the best attacking midfielder in the world. Chelsea were desperate for him, but that goal changed everything.”

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