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Career nights are, by definition, few and far between. Nonetheless, Anadolu Efes Istanbul guard Vasilije Micic’s blowout performance in the Istanbul Derby last Friday was semi-predictable.

Micic dominated Efes’s monumental 74-106 victory over archrival Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul with career highs of 37 points and 44 PIR. It turns out that the best indication that Micic might have a big game against Fenerbahce was his previous bad one, in which he registered a PIR of -1 against Olympiacos Piraeus in Round 25.

That’s because the evidence over the last two seasons shows that when Micic has a subpar game, he always rebounds with a particularly good one the next time he’s on the court.

During the truncated 2019-20 season, Micic had four games in which he had a PIR of less than 10. In each case, he proceeded to register PIRs of between 10 and 35 in the very next game. His lowest bounce-back last season was from a PIR of 0 in Round 13 to 10 in Round 14. His highest bounce was from -4 in Round 6 to 27 in Round 7. His average PIR in his four lowest games was -0.6. His average jump in the subsequent four games was to a PIR of 19.8, a difference of 20.4

Amazingly enough, during the current season, Micic’s bounce-back ability has only imporoved.

This season, Micic has had seven games with PIRs in single digits. Following each of those, his PIR has soared to between 11 and 44. His lowest bounce-back this season was from a PIR of 7 in Round 9 to 11 in Round 10. His highest was a PIR spread of 45 from Round 25 to Round 26. His average PIR in those seven lower-performing games was 3.1. His average jump in the next games has been a whopping 23.9, a difference of 20.8.

So, whether your favorite team plays against Micic or you manage your own EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge team, you will want to know that Micic is made of rubber. He always bounces back from bad games.

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