Dayana Yastremska, Provisionally Suspended for Doping, Vows to Clear Her Name

Current World No.29 Dayana Yastremska is in the news this week, and the Ukrainian would rather have it any other way.

After testing positive for a banned substance, Yastremska has been placed on a provisional suspension by the ITF, pending a full hearing.

Here are the ITF’s findings: Yastremska, aged 20 and born in Odessa, provided an Out of Competition urine sample on 24 November 2020, which was then sent to the World Anti-Doping Agency (known as WADA) for analysis. The sample was found to contain mesterolone metabolite, a prohibited substance. Mestorolone is an androgen and anabolic steroid.

Yastremska maintains her innocence and has released a statement saying the following:

“I firmly state that I have never used any performance enhancing drugs or any prohibited substances. I am astonished and under shock, particularly given that two weeks prior to this test—on November 9, 2020 – I tested negative at the WTA event in Linz. After this last tournament of the year, I stopped practicing to rest prior to the start of the new season.”

Yastremska, who owns three WTA titles and a career-high ranking of 21, went on to give more reasons why the ITF’s findings are a bit fishy.

“Only a very low concentration of mesterolone metabolite was detected in my urine,” she said. “Given that low concentration and given my negative test two weeks earlier, I have received scientific advice that the result is consistent with some form of contamination event. Besides, I have been informed that this substance is meant for use as medication by men and the women are advised not to used it due to the adverse effects is causes.”

Yastremska told followers that she couldn’t say any more about the case, but promised that she would be working with her team to assure that her name is cleared and that she can return to play soon.

“Due to the confidentiality of the proceedings, you will understand that I am not able to share any further information at this stage,” she said. “However, I am currently working with my team and you can be assured that I am resolutely determined to do everything to clear my name.”

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