Houston Rockets: Projected 2020-21 Depth Chart

Things have gone sideways in Houston as they lost their head coach, GM, and superstar point guard this offseason. With that in mind, the Rockets made some strategic moves in free agency that will still keep them relevant, for now.

We broke down the Rockets’ depth chart for the 2020-21 season below. We’ve also previously published a summary of the Rockets’ offseason.

Biggest Questions

  • What is James Harden’s future on this team? More importantly, what will Houston get in return for him if he is traded? Moving on from your franchise cornerstone is never easy, so the return for Harden will be one of the more pivotal moments in the franchise’s history.
  • Was Christian Wood worth his contract? Wood was Houston’s biggest free agent acquisition this offseason. While he’s shown flashes of greatness throughout his career, the sample size is too small to feel confident that he’s a top big man in this league.

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