Repeat offenders Kelantan, Melaka instructed to pay RM187,700 and RM97,500 respectively in back wages

12 Malaysian players are owed a total of almost RM290,000, following the most recent Malaysian FA status committee meeting.

The Malaysian FA (FAM) status committee which met on January 7 has issued 12 decisions regarding player pay disputes with two football associations.

In the announcement made on Wednesday, January 13, FAM has instructed the Kelantan FA to pay 11 of their former players’ unpaid wages, a total of around RM187,700 (around USD46,000).

The players are believed to have turned out for the Red Warriors until the 2019 season. They are Fauzi Rozlan (RM63,628.18), Zulfahmi Awang (RM50,000.00), Afiq Azuan (RM32,141.99), Wan Mohammed Afiq (RM21,000.00), Azzrie Aripin (RM4,075.00), Syafiq Syahmi Husin (RM2,681.00), Ahmad Fathi Irfan Azlan (RM3,279.00), Fikri Hakim Kama (RM1,289.50), Ahmad Hamzalah Zulkiflee (RM2,681.00), Fazliera Ezlan Rosli (RM3,126.25) and Fahmi Izzuddin Ab Rahman (RM2,681.00).

It is yet to be known whether the debts will have to be settled by the Kelantan FA, the previous operator of the Kelantan professional team, or the team’s new owner Norizam Tukiman, who has spent a lot of his time and money paying off their numerous debts since acquiring the team in 2020.

In the same announcement, the Melaka FA, who used to run Malaysia Super League side Melaka United, was also ordered to pay former player Curran Ferns a staggering RM97,500.00 (around USD24,100).

The Australian-Malaysian midfielder was on the books for the Mousedeer in 2020, before he revealed towards the end of the year that the club has failed to pay his wages.

Curran Ferns

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