‘We are making it up as we go along’ – Chelsea boss Lampard calls on government to trust clubs and let fans attend games

Teams based in London will no longer be allowed to welcome fans to games from Wednesday after being moved up a tier

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard believes clubs in Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions should be trusted to manage the attendance of fans at games.

The Blues welcomed 2,000 fans back to Stamford Bridge for games with Leeds United and Krasnodar following the conclusion of the second national lockdown, but there will be no spectators at the ground for the Premier League clash with West Ham on Monday after London was put up a level to Tier 3 restrictions, beginning on Wednesday.

Under those restrictions, supporters are not allowed to attend games – whereas those in Tier 1 and Tier 2 can welcome a maximum of 4,000 and 2,000 respectively.

The new restrictions for London mean only Everton, Liverpool, Brighton and Southampton from the 20 Premier League clubs will be allowed supporters in attendance – unless restrictions are loosened in other areas of the country such as Manchester in the coming days.

Lampard feels those teams who are allowed supporters in grounds hold an unfair advantage over those who cannot, and believes clubs should be trusted to manage the situation and limit risk.

“If some clubs can have them and some can’t, we’ve seen I think already, I felt it on the pitch, the backing they give you and what it does to the game,” he said ahead of his side’s game at Wolves on Tuesday. “I think that should be pretty level.

“I also think – I’m not telling the government what to do but – we can control 2,000 fans coming into the stadium, if they are coming from within their tier or however you want to do that to keep things moving along. So it is unfortunate to say the least.”

Questioning the government’s policy, Lampard added: “Let’s get it right: we are making it up as we go along. That’s not to sound critical, that’s just a fact because we’ve never been in this position before. 

“I think when you are talking about if clubs can control that situation, I think they’ve shown it so far that they can.

“So, I would like to think there could be something done to make it exempt where we can get that 2,000 number in. But that goes above my station, I’m just saying what I think.”

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